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Legal Warnings

Legal Warnings

Terms and Conditions for use

Techno Sky S.r.l. website (hereafter “the Website”) provides users with information relating to the company’s structure, the services provided, and activities carried out in both a domestic and international context. 

The user acknowledges and accepts that use of the Website is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. The present Terms and Conditions, where relevant, shall be applicable to the contents of the Techno Sky newsletter.

Intellectual properties and liability limits

All rights pertaining to content (such as text, images, multimedia material and the architecture of the website) are reserved in accordance with applicable laws. 

Users are not allowed to copy reproduce, transfer, load, publish or distribute, in any way, the content on the pages of the Website in its entirety and/or of parts thereof, without the prior written consent of ENAV S.p.A.. Users may however save and/or print off the contents of the Website strictly and exclusively for personal use.

"Techno Sky S.r.l." is a registered trade mark. The trademarks and logos on this website are owned by Techno Sky S.r.l.. The website, graphics and text are covered by © Copyright by the owner of the trademark (all rights reserved).

Unless specifically authorised by Techno Sky S.r.l. and following explicit negotiation, any copy of the trademark, of the statements subject to copyright, of the images and any other form of communication is prohibited.

The “Techno Sky S.r.l.” name and its logo contained in this website shall exclusively refer to Techno Sky S.r.l. The "Techno Sky S.r.l." name shall not be used as an internet address for other websites, or included in these addresses.

Users cannot include the abovementioned name within the html code (or other compilation languages) on the pages of any other website: its use is not permitted within any form of meta-tagging by third parties to Techno Sky S.r.l..

Any form of link to the website inserted by a third party must be expressly authorized in writing by Techno Sky and shall not in any event cause prejudice to the image and activities carried out by Techno Sky S.r.l.

Any type of deep linking - intended as the use on third parties’ websites of portions of the Website, or the creation by third parties of a direct connection to the Website’s pages without going through the Website’s home page, is not permitted.

Techno Sky S.r.l. does not accept any liability for services offered by third parties with which the Website has activated a connection link, nor for any contents, information, data or anything else contained in such third parties’ websites, which is in violation of any applicable laws.

Any breach or violations of the present rules shall be prosecuted through the appropriate civil and criminal actions.

The text, information and other data published or accessible through forms on this Website are meant solely and exclusively for information purposes and are not to be considered official, unless otherwise provided pursuant to the applicable laws.

Within the limits mentioned above Techno Sky S.r.l. does not accept any liability for any claim howsoever connected with the use of data or information published on the Website.

Information provided pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, N. 196

All personal data belonging to the Users of the Website and collected in connection with the services offered by the Website shall be treated by Techno Sky in full compliance with the provisions the Italian law “Code for the Protection of Personal Data” (Legislative Decree. 196/2003).
The personal data provided or otherwise acquired in connection with the use of the Internet Website shall be processed pursuant to the above mentioned law and in accordance with Techno Sky confidentiality policy.

For the purposes of these rules, “processing of personal data” shall mean the gathering, recording, organizing, storing, processing, modifying, selecting, extracting, comparing, using, interconnecting, blocking, communicating, disseminating, cancelling and destroying, as well as any combination of two or more of these actions.

Data supplied, including e-mail addresses, shall be used for institutional purposes, connected to or instrumental to the activity carried out by Techno Sky, and only for the purpose of providing the information or services which have been requested.

Data treatment connected with the on line services on the official Website shall take place at the office of the Owner and shall be undertaken by persons authorized to do so, and appointed for the treatment of data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003.
The aforesaid data shall not be subject to dissemination.

The accuracy and truthfulness of the personal information disclosed to Techno Sky falls entirely under the responsibility of the person providing it.
Any material sent to Techno Sky S.r.l. shall be deemed to be non-confidential. Techno Sky S.r.l. shall have no obligations whatsoever with regard to such material and shall be free to reproduce, use, detect, show, transform such data, make derivations from it and distribute it to third parties, without any limitations and without this being construed as a violation of legislation in force in regards to such matters as copyright or of intellectual property protection nor in the process of treatment of the personal data.


A “cookie” (a small data file that certain websites might send to the user’s IP address while being visited) might be encountered in certain parts of the Techno Sky S.r.l. Website, in order to track the visitor’s path on the Website. Should the user prefer not to receive any cookies it is possible to set the browser utilized so that it provides a warning when a cookie is encountered and therefore allows the user to accept it or block it. All cookies may also be automatically rejected by selecting the option in the browser options.

The owner of the treatment of personal data is Techno Sky S.r.l., with registered offices in Rome, Via del Casale Cavallari, 200.

Parties concerned may, pursuant to Art. 7 of the above-mentioned Code, request at any time access, modification or updating of their personal data and obtain the deletion of all the data collected through the Website. In order to do this, an application must be addressed to the person currently in charge of the Communication Department at the address shown above.

Laws and jurisdiction

The terms and conditions of use are governed by Italian statute law and jurisprudence. Comments and suggestions may be addressed to: 

Techno Sky S.r.l.
Via del Casale Cavallari 200, 00156 Rome

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