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Techno Sky & the Environment

Techno Sky & the Environment

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Techno Sky - an ENAV Company

Techno Sky is the ENAV company dealing with the operational management, support and maintenance of national air traffic control plants and systems ensuring their complete availability and full operational efficiency on an uninterrupted basis.

Techno Sky provides technical-operational and maintenance services for 41 radar systems, 95 telecommunication centres, 76 meteorological systems, 198 navigational aid systems and 71 software systems for air traffic control at the units managed by ENAV.

These activities also include in-house development of software services and products for the air traffic control sector, calibration of gauging equipment, meteorological observations and forecasts, logistic support (spare parts management, training) engineering and the integration of “mission critical” systems.

Techno Sky can boast a unique range of technological assets, competences and experiences, acquired after decades of activity in the sector performing a key role on the ATM (Air Traffic Management) market and is not only renowned at national level, but also well known to the biggest producers of ATC (Air Traffic Control) Systems and to the most important sector Service Providers.

In order to achieve these results, the company has acquired an operational structure which is strategically distributed throughout the nation and is able to provide solutions efficiently and rapidly for any technical, implementation and managerial requirement. 

Techno Sky also markets its services and activities on an International level.

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Jan 22, 2015

Jan 20, 2015

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Techno Sky S.r.l. is particularly aware of its human resources, considered the company’s most important asset, by offering to young, brilliant and motivated people the opportunity to join a highly technological environment.

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