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Mar 12, 2010

Techno Sky at ATC Global 2010

Techno Sky S.r.l., an ENAV company, and a leading European company in the field of ATC/ATM operating on “Mission Critical” highly technological systems in complex and demanding environments, participated in the twentieth edition of the ATC Global 2010, the most important international event for Air Traffic Control.

Held in RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam from 9-11 March 2010, the event offered an important opportunity for over 206 exhibitors from 96 countries worldwide to meet.  The over 4.800 professionals of the sector were able to present sophisticated systems for air traffic control and management. 

Furthermore the event offered the opportunity for participating companies to widen their knowledge in specific themes through dedicated Seminars, one of which was held by Techno Sky with a presentation entitled “Advanced Maintenance Concepts: the ATC Scenario”.

At its stand Techno Sky presented its main products and activities, describing their logic and procedures with the aid of multimedia systems.  The various delegations visiting were able to view a presentation of an advanced simulation on new maintenance methods; an aerodrome remote alarm system able to handle in real-time communications of an aircraft in an emergency situation, alerting rescue agencies in compliance with ICAO Doc 9137 and ENAC APT 18A requirements; an “Airport Integrated Handling Platform” able to share the information and ATC data acquired in real time to guarantee interoperability and support in decisions; a vehicle for ILS and VOR systems maintenance.

The exhibition also offered Techno Sky the possibility to organize important institutional meetings for its top management.

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