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Maintenance and Management of ATC Systems

Techno Sky S.r.l. has full responsibility for the operational management and the software/hardware maintenance of the entire range of systems and equipment used to provide flight assistance services in Italy.

The company ensures round-the-clock technical and operational management of 4 Area Control Centres (Brindisi, Milan, Padua and Rome), 49 airports, the Academy, 41 radar systems, 95 telecommunications centres, 76 meteo systems, 198 navigation aid systems (ILS, VOR, DME) and 71 software systems.

The company operates on an extremely wide range of systems, which differ from each other in their function, technology and production age.

Its technical services are conceived and organized to guarantee the maximum technical and operational efficiency of systems and installations.

Achievements are the outcome of over 40 years of specific experience in the sector. This has led to defining a set of methodologies and procedures for preventive and corrective maintenance based on a wide usage of information technology and consequent data base storage of the systems and equipment’s history.

Technical activities are performed to meet strict requirements thanks to a technologically advanced organizational structure. To date approximately 600 highly skilled engineers and technicians operate continuously in close cooperation with the Italian ATC Service Provider.

Techno Sky’s main areas of operation are:

  • operations and maintenance of ATC and ATM centres;
  • technical and operational reconfiguration of control systems, 24 hours a day for the operation of flight assistance systems;
  • design and application of systems’ preventive and corrective maintenance procedures;
  • technical/systemistic assistance and software maintenance; 
  • technical/statistical analysis for systems’ performance and trend evaluation;
  • systems’ configuration control (both hardware and software);
  • material logistics (spare parts, supply, distribution and stock);
  • metrological activities to guarantee reference of the instruments used to certify systems’ performance.

Thanks to its deep knowledge of technical and operational requirements in an ATC environment, Techno Sky is constantly able to anticipate customers’ needs and introduce innovative and complete solutions.

Extensive use of information technology is the most important way to streamline information flows and support decision making. This is why the company has set up a complete and efficient automated system to support its logistics operations.

Its Integrated Logistic System is the result of over 30 years of activity, experience and investments. It is a dynamic solution based on a combination of standard components and custom ad hoc applications, thanks to which it is possible to optimize new theoretical models for an optimized Automated Logistic Support.

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Maintenance and Management of ATC Systems
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