Techno Sky S.r.l. - Technologies for Air Traffic Management
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Techno Sky S.r.l. has a very sophisticated and complex organizational structure able to manage, configure, repair and calibrate systems and specific measurement instruments dedicated to Air Traffic Control and general purpose.

The company, which is present throughout the Italian territory, refers to a central metrological laboratory which performs the calibration and repair of a wide variety of instruments ranging from low frequency to microwave. On average, each year about 14.000 instruments are calibrated and approximately 2.500 instruments are repaired.

The laboratory avails itself of a computerized system to manage all the technical/logistical operations and sophisticated test-beds for analysis and simulation.

Techno Sky, furthermore, designs and implements personalized measurement stations for processing particularly complex measurements.

A particularly advanced measurement division is that of “Meteo Sensors” for which it has sophisticated systems for measuring pressure, temperature and relevant humidity.

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