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Techno Sky S.r.l. boasts a unique experience in the management and maintenance of systems and technologies in the ATC (Air Traffic Control) field to optimize management processes and maximize operational safety. The company’s systems engineering, which derives from its know-how and experience in the sector, goes beyond its capabilities in this sector only, considering it reaches neighbouring fields (such as transport, telecommunications, environment, etc.), sectors where quality, safety and innovation are primary requirements.

Moreover, to meet customers’ specific requirements, Techno Sky is able to provide ad hoc engineering solutions and services.

In particular, the Engineering department is presently engaged in systems’ analysis, validation and integration, in the development and maintenance of special simulators, in the design and development of architecture in mission critical environments.

Techno Sky is currently engaged in the following programmes:

  • design and development of a new ATM operational platform for the international “4-Flight” programme;
  • validation and test activities of the European “Swim Suit” programme, in cooperation with ENAV;
  • upgrade and integration of ENAV’s Security systems and equipment;
  • integration of new systems in ENAV’s national network of command and control systems; 
  • analysis of the feasibility for short term fog forecasts (Nowcasting, part of the Italian Weather Programme IWS);
  • analysis and testing of audio/video recording devices for ATC consoles;
  • working design and development of works and activities for the modernization/optimization of power plants;
  • supply and modernization of meteo systems.

PDF:Engineering Brochure
PDF:General Overview Brochure

Systems Engineering and Software
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