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Calibration Centre - LAT

The 015 Calibration Laboratory has been accredited by the Italian Calibration Service (Servizio di Taratura Italia – SIT) since 1982. It was acquired by Techno Sky S.r.l. in 2007 and, within the context of the company, has obtained the accreditation for all the sizes it previously held.

In 2001 the Calibration Laboratory obtained the renewal of its accreditation from ACCREDIA, the new Italian institution in charge of accreditation, and has therefore changed its name to ACCREDIA LAT 015 Calibration Laboratory.

As part of its maintenance activities the LAT 015 Laboratory helps uphold the reliability of ATC equipment through the use of specific measurement procedures and instruments. The latter guarantee the traceability of the measurements carried out, through periodic comparisons with the national standards of the respective physical sizes, in accordance with the existing international standards in the field of metrology (UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025) and the specific requirements of the LAT department (Calibration activity laboratory).

The calibration certificates issued by the 015 LAT Laboratory are accepted in all European countries that signed the EA - MILA (European Cooperation for Accreditation - Multilateral Agreement) agreement and non European countries that signed the ILAC – MRA (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation - Mutual Recognition Arrangement) agreement.

Sizes accredited:

  • Direct voltage and current;
  • Alternate voltage and current;
  • Direct current resistance;
  • Frequency;
  • Attenuation and power in high frequency;
  • Power in high frequency; 
  • Reflection co-efficient in high frequency.

For information relating to the Laboratory’s metrological capacities tables are available on the ACCREDIA accreditation website.

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