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Techno Sky & the Environment

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Techno Sky & the Environment

Always very attentive towards the environment and to ecologically sustainable issues, Techno Sky S.r.l., actively takes part in the continuous process of stakeholders awareness in the sector.  With this in mind it carries out systems’ analyses and studies to subsequently develop systems to exploit the potential of renewable sources.

Likewise, some pilot projects are carried out to create ecologically sustainable airport systems based on optimizing the disposal of waste (with possible reutilization) deriving from main pollutants (waste, exhaust oils, etc.), on optimizing consumption (reducing energy consumption), limiting/optimizing ground circulation of polluting vehicles (optimizing flow and ground movements management through advanced Apron Management systems), monitoring various types of pollution (acoustic, electromagnetic, air-pollution).

To develop such models Techno Sky offers just some of its distinctive competences such as:

  • deep knowledge of the operational environment and requirements for systems application;
  • specific technical capabilities in the energy sector and competence in approaching the theme in an innovative way;  
  • technical competences and operational experience on pollution monitoring systems; 
  • capability to integrate different competences: financial, project, contractual, legal etc; 
  • constant attention to the territory: deriving also from its group’s mission; 
  • consolidated network with other stakeholders of the aeronautical airport environment.

In this context Techno Sky supports ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) by participating in the activities of the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) of ICAO with particular reference to the objectives of “operational measures” and MOFT (Modelling Task Force) oriented at ATM (Air Traffic Management).

Techno Sky & the Environment
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